Saturday, 19 September 2020
Road closures due to Carney’s Creek bushfire

More roads have been closed due to the Carney's Creek bushfire.

The Head Road was closed on Monday night and now Carney's Creek Road is also closed between Hardcastle Road and Fletcher Road.

Areas around these roads remain at the QFES alert level of 'Prepare to Leave' as the large bushfire is burning in a westerly and southerly direction from Carney's Creek Road.

Back burning operations have been underway during the night in a bid to stop the advance of multiple fire fronts.

Residents are advised to call Triple 000 immediately if they believe they are under threat.


QFES has advised that the bushfire has already had an impact on Chalk Road and is now travelling in a westerly direction from Carney's Creek Road.

The 'Leave Now' alert for Chalk Road has now been downgraded to 'Prepare to Leave'. Residents are now able to return to their homes.

Fire crews will be conducting back burning operations throughout the night in a bid to contain the fire.

Call Triple 000 immediately if you believe you are under threat.


Qld Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) have issued a 'Leave Now' alert in relation to the Carney's Creek bushfire.

The warning described the situation as: "Currently [2.20pm], a large and fast-moving fire is travelling in a westerly direction from Carney's Creek Road towards Chalk Road. It is expected to have an impact on Chalk Road within the next 30 minutes.

"The fire could have a significant impact on the community."

The Head Road remains closed.


The Head Road remains closed while firefighters plan their attack to contain the bushfire which started on Hardcastle Road at Carney’s Creek on Monday afternoon.     

“We’ve got four fire fronts now - one is contained and we’re working to contain the other three,” said Boonah Rural Fires Group Officer, Trevor Turner, said this morning.     

“The original fire on Hardcastle Road has split and one fire front is heading towards The Head Road. Currently, it’s partially contained high up in National Parks’ country.     

“We’ll be working with Parks crews to steer it across the top through to The Head Road to a point where the other side of the road was burnt out in late October.”   

Water is a problem and a collar tank for rural fire trucks has been set up on a property beside The Head Road.     

Today (Wednesday), rural fire crews, with the assistance of dozer drivers, are establishing a series of firebreaks aimed at containing all the fires.     

Around mid afternoon, a dozer will be used to push a firebreak from above Chalk Road to loop up to Tallowood in a move aimed at containing the second fire front.     

“The third fire front is on the western side of Chalk Road,” Trevor said. “It’s currently partially contained above the Hillstream Health Farm [located beside The Head Road]. When the weather conditions are right - when we get a northerly up here - we’re planning to steer that fire down to a containment line.”     

He said the fourth fire front is coming towards them off the Main Range.     

“We’ve got that fire partially contained at the moment.”         

The Head Road is expected to remain closed at least through to the weekend.

PHOTO: Smoke billowing up from the fire - it is understood that much of it is coming from the National Park where there is a heavy fuel load. Photo: DREW CREIGHTON