Saturday, 19 September 2020
Quarantine Quiz: September 13, 2020
  1. Which one of these berries is not from the vaccinium genus? Cranberry, boysenberry, blueberry or huckleberry?
  2. Andrew Abdo was appointed the CEO of which sporting code?
  3. What is the rarest naturally occurring element in the Earth's crust, represented by At on the periodic table?
  4. Johannes Vermeer painted the famous artwork Girl with what?
  5. Originally a Danish prince, Cnut the Great went on to become king of which three countries?
  6. Caracas is the capital of which South American country?
  7. Who plays the Logan family patriarch in the television show Succession?
  8. The Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded into which body of water?
  9. What food is made by fermenting cabbage?
  10. When would a team change sides in a polo match?
  11. Name the four fundamental states of matter.
  12. One of the most famous bust sculptures was of the Great Royal Wife of Egyptian pharaoh Akhenaten. What was her name?
  13. What is the name of mining heiress Gina Reinhardt’s father?
  14. The Eastern Roman Empire was also referred to as what?
  15. The nation of Brunei is ruled by what kind of leader?
  16. The movie The New Mutants is the thirteenth installment of which movie series?
  17. Is the leaf of a lotus plant elliptical, ovate or orbicular?
  18. Madeira wine is made in which country?
  19. If someone has a glass jaw it usually means what?
  20. True or False? Mold is a fungus.
  21. A semibreve is what type of musical note?
  22. A palooka is someone who is what?
  23. The historical region of Mesopotamia fell to which Macedonian king and military commander?
  24. What is the southernmost North American country?
  25. What is the spleens primary function?
1. Boysenberry 2. NRL 3. Astatine 4. Girl with a Pearl Earring 5. Denmark, England and Norway 6. Venezuela 7. Brain Cox 8. Gulf of Mexico 9. Sauerkraut 10. Every time a point is scored 11. Solid, liquid, gas, plasma 12. Nefertiti 13. Lang Hancock 14. Byzantine Empire 15. Sultan 16. X-Men 17. Orbicular 18. Portugal 19. They can’t take a hit (or criticism) 20. True 21. A whole note 22. Stupid or clumsy 23. Alexander the Great 24. Panama 25. Blood filtering

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