Friday, 18 September 2020
Weddings and border closures

Tennille and I were married on Sunday in front of some of our closest family and friends.

The date was not the one we originally intended but with the closure of the border to Canberra, the best man, my twin brother, Guy, would have been locked out.

He was up in Brisbane at the time of the announcement of the border closure for my buck’s celebration. My brother, Fraser, was already here as he has been able to work remotely from his Sydney office since the start of the lockdown.

So late one night after much discussion and a lot of back and forth with our vendors, we decided to bring the wedding 20 days forward.

There was a lot of racing around to get things in ship shape for the event and we had to figure out a way to get my other brothers, who were already locked out, to at least see the wedding on the day.

In the end we decided on livestreaming the event to them and all of our other guests who could not be with us due to interstate and international border closures.

Getting a month's worth of work for a wedding done in a week was a big task and there is a lot of gratitude we owe friends and family for rolling up their sleeves and pitching in.

Sunday 16, August 2020, was the day we were married. The ceremony went off without a hitch and the night went far too fast.

Just before the speeches, my eldest brother, Toby, locked out of Queensland in another state, sent a photo of he and his partner, Cecelia, watching the livestream as his daughter and our flower girl, Isabelle, was glued to the screen while dressed in the flower girl outfit we had sent her. At the same time Toby was face-timing another brother, Shaun, in another state who was also unable to attend.

It’s a photo that will make our wedding book as it so aptly sums up just one of the many ways the Covid-19 has changed our lives.

The wonderful bridal party was made up of matron of honor Eden Anderson and bridesmaids Julia Gageler and Megan Dudley.