Thursday, 2 April 2020
Wildlife carers network will take the call

Carers involved with Scenic Rim Wildlife Rescue have their hands full of injured and orphaned animals at the moment.

“But our hands are never too full to help more,” says Cliff Raven who heads up the network of carers.

Cliff and his partner, Rae, are based at Kooralbyn but they or one of their network of carers will answer calls from throughout the Scenic Rim.

“If we receive a call about injured or orphaned wildlife, we contact one of our carers in the vicinity but if no one is available to help, then we make the drive.”

He warned that some animals are too injured to rehabilitate and have to be euthanised.

“We do the best we can and we’ve had a lot of success - currently we have 27 kangaroos and wallabies in care as well as a number of birds. At one stage, we even had an echidna.

“But when it comes to koalas, we work in with the Ipswich Koala Society.”

Cliff added that it was not unusual to get a call from the police to come and rescue an animal or for them to drop them off at Kooralbyn.

“We also work in with the Boonah Veterinary Hospital and the Walter Street Vet - it’s a network that functions as well as possible within our resources.”

Cliff and Rae’s lives revolve around the rescue and rehabilitation centre in Kooralbyn.

“I originally came over to Australia to see the animals … and I never went home,” Cliff says.

“I used to be a truck driver but 10 years ago I hurt my back and the doctor told me to get an interest so I formed the rescue and rehabilitation centre.”

If you’d like to contact the Scenic Rim Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre about an injured or orphaned animal contact Cliff on 0458 556 624.