Tuesday, 31 March 2020
Boonah house ‘gutted’ by fire

A house fire on Bruckners Hill caused smoke to plume over the Boonah township on Friday.

Boonah Auxiliary Fire Brigade was joined by brigades from Kalbar, Ipswich, Harrisville and others who attempted to douse the blaze.

Boonah Police said that everyone living in the Oak Court home "gutted" by flame was accounted for and the only thing that could be saved was the house next door.

The house had just been built a year ago by the owner builder

Next door neighbour, Petter Dadds, said he was watching television when he heard a ‘thump’ and believed it must have been caused by the air pressure from an explosion.

He looked out his window nothing seemed out of the ordinary until his neighbour knocked on his door and told him to grab his dogs and run.

He grabbed his two Labrador puppies and ran to safety.

Four-month-old Labrador puppies Ava and Grace were taken safely outside just after the fire began.