Monday, 21 September 2020
Ipswich Council Approves a New Entertainment Precinct

An entertainment precinct has been approved by the Ipswich City Council at The Growth, Infrastructure and Waste Committee meeting. The proposed development is to be situated by North Ipswich Railway Workshops Complex 22 W M Hughes Street. 

The 39,060m2 development will include a drive-in theatre with 192 - 234 available carparks, mini golf, water play, rock climbing, basketball courts, grass areas, a private council park and a twilight cinema.

Mayor Teresa Harding is thrilled with the new proposal. 

“It looks like a terrific development. This is obviously joining Riverlink. I think it looks tremendous,” said the Mayor. 

The Ipswich City Council Development and Planning Manager, Mr Brett Davey too is excited about the idea. 

“It’s in behind a precinct that’s adjacent to a shopping centre so for the land use, it’s a good outcome.”

The highlighted primary issues of the proposal include the cultural heritage significance of the Mihi Line which will need to be protected and the site overlaps the stage 6 Brassall Bikeway.

Deputy Mayor Marnie Doyle says the Brassall Bikeway development is crucial to Ipswich City and cyclists. 

“Given the importance of the stage 6 Brassall bikeway, it’s critical to the overall activity of Ipswich,” she said.  

Yet, Mr Davey assures council that the developers have covered the bikeway in their plans.

“We’ve reserved that corridor through the site,” he said. 

Despite the unanimous excitement, councillors also raised the contentious issue addressing whether the screens would restrain from light pollution. Mr Davey says council will ensure the developers take the screen lighting and noise contribution into consideration when designing the theatre to account for residents nearby.

“The screens are yet to be designed,” he said.

The development application report presented at The Growth, Infrastructure and Waste Committee meeting also suggests that the company will ensure the precinct is compatible with its’ surroundings.

“This report demonstrates that the proposal will have no adverse amenity impacts, is compatible with surrounding development, and is in keeping with the future character of this locality as promoted by the Ipswich Planning Scheme,” it said.

Mayor Teresa Harding looks forward to the development taking place and believes it to be a wonderful contribution to the Ipswich economy, for families in particular.

“Paths look great, the drive ins, it’s a great family friendly activity,” the Mayor said. 

It is unclear when the development will go ahead at this stage.