Thursday, 24 September 2020
‘It’s a critical time’ Senator says stood down 1700 meatworkers need to reach out

About 1700 meatworkers were stood down as of Monday without pay for the next two weeks in Ipswich. 

A decision which has been blamed on by both competition within the meat industry and the ineligibility toward the Government support scheme, JobKeeper. 

Yet, according to Senator Paul Scarr it’s not all bad news for the JBS Dinmore workers who might be entitled to further support then they initially believed. 

Admitting he was mortified when he found out the news, Senator Scarr wished to announce that the Government has directed millions of dollars into a range of Emergency Relief Organisations providing further assistance pending if Jobseeker is not applicable. 

“It’s a really critical time to reach out” says Senator Scarr and urges those who have been affected to call the number; 13 28 50 immediately raising the issue that they have been stood down and initiating Government support.

“This is my number one focus at the moment” says Mr Scarr who said JBS Dinmore was vital to sustaining the Ipswich economy. 

According to the Senator, Services Australia was liaising with JBS Dinmore on Monday to ensure information is easily accessible for the 1700 workers and their families. 

“I just want workers and their families to get everything they’re entitled to”, says Mr Scarr.