Monday, 21 September 2020
St Edmunds Return to School after positive Covid-19 case

Students of St Edmunds College in Ipswich returned to school on Monday after Queensland Health conducted intensive cleaning on the facility due to a year 11 student testing positive to Covid-19.

Principal Ray Celegato says the young man, son of two health workers who also tested positive to Covid-19 is said to be recovering well.

“The young man’s doing well. He’s certainly being well looked after and recovering well so we’re really pleased at that,” he said.

Queensland Health have carried out their cleaning processes and contacted the necessary people who are now also in quarantine. For those students unable to attend school during the crucial exam block, Mr Celegato advises that year 11 exams have been rescheduled for next term and online learning is in place. 

“For all the boys who aren’t able to be on site, we have been working with Microsoft teams, so they are still able to have access to their teachers”.

Mr Celegato wishes to thank the Ipswich community for supporting the school during this time.

“Thank you very much, certainly to our community for their support and certainly for their faith in the college. 

It’s certainly not an experience that we had hoped for, but it certainly brought out the best in our community which was great to see,” he said.