Saturday, 19 September 2020
Swift decision to be made on Swifts sport club

The Ipswich City Council has a tough choice on its hands deciding the fate of the Swifts Sports Club in Booval this week.

The future of the Swifts Club will become clearer at next week’s General Purpose Committee meeting at 9am on August 27.

Mayor Teresa Harding said it was a difficult decision the Council would have to make “because there’s a lot of emotion attached.”

“That, and it’s Ipswich and footy”, the Mayor said. 

As the Ipswich council receives more than $16,000 a year in rent from Swifts, they have a few options to consider. 

They could sell the property to the Sports Club itself, place the property on the market with Swifts being the obligatory tenant, hold on to the club assisting with major upgrades, harmoniously terminate the lease between themselves and the club or create public parkland after demolishing the building. 

Local resident, Coralie Dart believes that the club should purchase the lot and refurnish it as previously envisaged. “I think it would reinvigorate our club for the betterment of the community”.

Swifts Courtesy Bus Driver, Gavin Hughes would also like to see the outcome of the club in their favour; “let us buy something back that we previously owned.”

Mayor Teresa Harding said the outcome of the Swifts decision is entirely “about what the people want”.