Saturday, 19 September 2020
25 years of singing the blues away

Among her celebration of 65 years of marriage this year, Ann Andrews has reached another impressive milestone.

She has volunteered with Blue Care for 25 years making her the longest serving at the respite in Boonah.

Ann comes three times a month to perform musical therapy.

“With dementia clients it can bring back their memory, you can see their faces light up,” Ann said.

For Ann, the musical therapy has helped her as much as it helps the people she uses it on.

“I love it, the reaction I get, I know all their favourite songs.”

She got into music therapy when she realised it was helpful for her grandson who has severe cerebral therapy.

Once she noticed the positive effects on her grandson she began to use it at places she volunteered.

One of the people she remembers is an elderly Scottish gentleman who could only say “oh dear”.

But, one day she got the idea to sing the song I belong to Glasgow and to her surprise the man sang it word for word.

Ann has no plan to stop any time soon, because, for her, volunteering doesn’t feel like work, she loves the connections she makes and she loves to sing.