Monday, 10 August 2020
60 years a diamond for the Love’s

Celebrating a 60th wedding anniversary is an accomplishment in terms of time yet more especially in terms of enjoying each other’s companionship for six decades.

And to achieve the Diamond Jubilee of your wedding date and be healthy enough to enjoy the party adds a deeper significance to the milestone.

Allan and Elaine Love from Croftby are happy to announce that they reached the milestone last Thursday and were in such good health they could have danced for hours at their party with family and friends at the Boonah Golf Club on Sunday.

And yes, they do mean dancing as it played a role in their courtship … dancing, sport and a reluctant petrol cap all played a role in the early days of Allan and Elaine’s relationship.

Marking the decades in their marriage has been of particular importance to them.

Elaine recalls that the family “made a big fuss” of their Golden Wedding celebrations and she “didn’t really expect to be around for the Diamond Wedding anniversary”.

“I’ve been told it’s pretty rare to achieve 60 years together and I realised how rare it was when I was helping our daughter Tanya find decorations and a guest book that displayed the words, ‘60th anniversary’,

“But there you go, we made it and Allan and I are happy that we made it together.”

Allan Love met Elaine Krafft in 1957. She was almost 17, he was 24.

“Allan had just bought a new car,” Elaine recalls. “He’d parked it in beside the petrol bowser in front of my parent’s store in Beaudesert. When he got out, he found he couldn’t work out how to get the petrol cap off.

“I showed him how to do it,” Elaine says with a laugh and with the tone of an oft repeated story. Her smile broadens as she adds that Allan was then working as a truck driver for Tranter’s Transport in Beaudesert.

Any initial embarrassment Allan may have felt mustn’t have been accompanied by resentment as he was quick to agree to partner Elaine in her debut soon after they met.

“I think it was the Church of England in Beaudesert which used to run the Debutante Balls in the lovely big old Shire Hall,” Elaine says.

“There were about 24 girls making their debut the year I made mine - it was always a big occasion.”

The Deb Ball was their first date and it set the tone of their four year courtship.

On Friday nights they would attend any balls that were bring run in the district and every Saturday night they’d attend the country dances. On Sundays they’d play tennis all day and on Tuesday night, it was badminton.

Elaine Krafft was born in Boonah but grew up at Barney View.

“Mum and dad bought a property right in Beaudesert when the Barney View School closed down. The property was near Enright’s Sawmill.

“Mum and dad had a store selling mixed goods at the front of the property, our home was just behind the store and the stables were further back. Dad was a horse trainer and after I started going out with Allan, he’d come and help dad with the horses on Saturdays.”

By the time Allan and Elaine met, Elaine was mostly managing the store after helping her dad with the horses early each morning.

Allan and Elaine married when Elaine was 21 and Allan was 28. Allan’s twin brother, Cecil and Elaine’s brother Derrick were the groomsmen and Elaine’s sister, Glenys and her friend Joan Austin were the bridesmaids. 

“We were married in the Beaudesert Church of England on July 9, 1960.” Elaine recalls.

Their honeymoon was a step away from the usual - they hired a caravan and spent a month travelling around South Australia and Western Australia.

The couple would remain as Beaudesert locals until their only child, Tanya was 12.

“Up to that time Allan had finished working for Tranters after 15 years and was working for the Beaudesert Shire Council as a dozer operator.”

On their move to the Gold Coast, Allan took up a similar position with City Council.

Twenty-eight years ago, Allan retired and he and Elaine moved to their 550 acre property at Croftby.

“I kept working for Coles for another five years before I retired,” Elaine said.

The rhythm of their life now follows a comfortable pattern. Elaine spends her days in the kitchen and enjoys every minute spent in her garden while Allan works on the machinery on the farm.

“We had a lovely party at the Golf Club on Sunday with the 24 friends and family who helped us celebrate.

“Sixty years of marriage - I’d say that’s pretty good in anyone’s book.”