Wednesday, 27 May 2020
Cruel act committed on cow at Allandale

The killing of a heifer calf on a property at Allandale has been described as an act of cruelty.

The owner of the property off Geiger Road, Sean Winks, said the heifer would have been worth perhaps $800.

“But it’s not the money that upsets me, it’s the cruelty of it,” he said.

“Two of the arrows didn’t penetrate deeply but the third one went through its nose and down through its tongue and jaw.

“All three arrows were snapped off and the heifer may have done that as it walked around perhaps pushing up against things to try and dislodge it.”

He described the young beast as quiet and friendly to humans.

“We sold off a lot of cattle during the drought and we lost some, so we are down to about one-third of our normal herd.

“The heifer was one of many we’ve been hand-feeding at the house for the last three months. They’re as tame and trusting as you’d want them to be so they’d make good, quiet breeding cows.”

About ten days ago, Sean released eight of the heifers into a paddock with three cows and calves and a bull.

“I thought they needed to learn how to go about things in the company of the older cattle,” Sean said.

“A couple of days later they came back home and I had to walk them up there again.”

Last Wednesday, he checked on them and again  on Sunday when he noticed that some of the heifers were missing.

“I found three of them in another paddock and then just on dark, the dogs found the one with the arrows in its head.

“It can’t have been dead long. I don’t know whether it died immediately or walked around with those arrows in it and died slowly, but I’ve talked to people who shoot with bows and arrows and a head shot is not a kill shot.

“So I don’t know whether someone inexperienced tried to kill it and take it away in a ute for the meat and they couldn’t because it didn’t die immediately or whether it was someone enjoying the thrill of the kill.”

If anyone has any information about the incident, they are asked to contact the Boonah Police or Crimestoppers.