Thursday, 24 September 2020
Dust storm descends on the Scenic Rim

A dust storm has blown through the ranges around the Scenic Rim, this morning.

The leading edge of the dust cloud was driven over the mountains in the early hours by south westerly winds coming up from New South Wales.

The winds are expected to strengthen to up to 50 kilometres an hour and come from a more westerly direction by late this afternoon before easing overnight.

Bureau of Meteorology Meteorologist Kimba Wong said the dust originated from eastern parts of South Australia which has had strong windy conditions for the past few days.

“Westerlies have pushed that dust all the way to south east Queensland and north east NSW for this morning,” Ms Wong said.

She said visibility in places was down to four or five kilometres.

The wind will peak again on Saturday and the dry windy conditions are creating a very high fire danger in areas.