Monday, 10 August 2020
Koala duo visit Scenic Rim school

A big healthy female koala and her joey visited the Mt Alford State School grounds on Friday to the delight of the staff and school children.

“It’s true that every visit by a koala to the trees in the school yard is an exciting event,” said Principal Danny Laegel.

“It’s the start of the regular visits we can expect from now through to the end of Summer so the students are accustomed to seeing them but every visit has its ‘wow’ factor.”

The ‘wow’ factor this time was the size of the mother koala. 

“She was much larger than we are used to seeing and she and the joey looked healthy and content.”

The audience she attracted didn’t seem to disturb the mother. Nor did it worry her when Helen Turnbull moved a little closer to capture a picture of the duo.

“She moved a little further up the tree and fell asleep with the joey in her arms.”

And that was the time the Fassifern Guardian photographer, Peter Truer, arrived.

“I had no thoughts of trying to wake her up for a photo shoot but I thought readers would enjoy a view of two very contented koalas.”