Monday, 28 September 2020
Local walking circuits become dog poo central

DOG droppings on popular walking circuits around the district’s towns and villages have become an issue which at least one resident wants fixed.

Robert Chipnall lives at Dugandan and was due to undergo shoulder surgery the day after restrictions on elective surgery came into force.

“I missed out by six hours,” Robert said. “But I knew it would happen eventually and I knew that part of the rehabilitation after the surgery was for me to start walking regularly, so I decided to go ahead and start walking.

“I thought I’d be ahead of the game when I was finally able to have the surgery.”

Robert began taking his daily walks on the circuit around the park at Dugandan which takes in the track along the old railway line.

While he’s come to enjoy the exercise, he’s noticed that the amount of dog droppings along the walk are increasing on a weekly basis.

“One day last week, I counted 10 droppings between Toby Slatter Park and the Dugandan Hotel, another 15 from the pub to the top of the rise opposite the Boonah Carrying Company.

“And as if that wasn’t enough, there were 25 droppings on the old railway track - and that’s only counting as one where several droppings are lying on top of each other.”

Robert admits that counting dog droppings is not a pastime he enjoys but … “I decided to do the count so when I talked to the Guardian about it, I could prove my point.”

And he says his aim is not to stop people walking their dogs around the town but make them act more responsibly.

“It’s a beautiful part of the world and the weather is perfect for walking … all I’m asking is that dog owners pick up their droppings and dispose of them.”

He added that a solution would be for the Scenic Rim Regional Council to follow the trend set by many other Councils and set up a station on popular walking circuits where dog owners can tear off a plastic bag for droppings and on returning from the walk, deposit the bags in a nearby covered bin.