Sunday, 16 August 2020
Community bank celebrates 10 years of success

More than 100 community members, customers and shareholders joined in the 10th birthday celebrations of the Kalbar & District Community Bank branch of the Bendigo Bank last Friday afternoon.  

The anniversary party included a sausage sizzle, give aways and the cutting of a large birthday cake.

The celebration was to mark 10 years of community banking and just as importantly, 10 years of success.

Visitors were reminded of the work which led to the opening day in March 2010 and the milestones which had been reached and surpassed during the decade of operations.

“The bank has grown in size from humble beginning of 154 customers and footings of $15M to 1,537 customers and footings of $120M as at December 2019,” reported founding Chairman Wilson Neuendorf and current Chairman, Dave Roderick. 

“Over the 10 years the Community Bank branch has also distributed more than $265,000 back to community groups and projects. 

“Shareholders have also received a dividend on their shares for the last four years returning, on average, 5 cents in the dollar.”  

Visitors were also encouraged to tell their friends that it was not too late to invest.

“There are still some shares available for sale.”