Saturday, 15 August 2020
Food supplies sufficient for all says MP

Local Federal MP Scott Buchholz has reassured the Scenic Rim community that Australia has sufficient food supplies, stock and capacity for all Australians.

“We have seen reports from food retailers that demand is three times that experienced at Christmas time,” he said in an interview with the Fassifern Guardian on Friday. 

“It isn’t a supply issue - it is a demand issue.”

To turn this round, he said people need to stop, think about what they actually need and leave the rest for someone else that does.

“Staff are doing their best to keep shelves stocked.  

“This increased pressuring is exhausting staff - they need your kindness, so thank a retailer.”

Australia’s food supply is one of the best in the world.

“What is currently causing great strain on our grocers and supermarkets, is people panic buying and the limited capacity of transporters to move stock and re-stocking.

“With industry, we’ve taken action to address this. Time and again we’ve heard the Prime Minister request people to stop panic buying.

“I welcome the move for extended trading hours and states working to open up operating hours to 24 hours, in order to restock stores.

“We have now seen retailers implement restrictions on certain items - real common sense stuff.

“While you may not be able to get the brand you want or prefer, you’ll be able to get the product. If you like white sugar, you might have to grow to like raw sugar. If you like all-bran, weeties might have to be the go for a while.”

“We’ll all have to make sacrifices over the next few weeks and months. But all Australians are in this together.

“There’ll be many Australians, for whom, the lack of food or the wrong brand won’t be their greatest worry.

“Of course, I am talking about our elderly, our people with a disability and residents with pre-existing conditions. Let’s think of them and how not only this outbreak impacts them, but our behaviours. 

EARLIER THIS WEEK, Minister for Agriculture, David Littleproud reassured Australians that the nation’s food security is amongst the safest in the world. 

“People shouldn’t panic, we have an abundant supply of top quality fresh food produced from all parts of the country that ensures that there will be plenty of food on the table.

“Australia is in the fortunate position of producing enough food for 75 million people with a population of only 25 million, making us one of the food bowls of the world.

 “We can take great comfort from the fact that this lucky country produces enough food to guarantee we will continue to enjoy the best produced products anywhere in the world.

“There is a reliable supply from the farm paddocks to the dining room plates, of fresh nutritious food, for our good health and well-being.”