Friday, 18 September 2020
Protest to save the Boonah trees

A group of local community members plan to lead an SOS protest in Boonah on Saturday morning to save the Evergreen Ash trees from the Council axe.   

“We want to save those trees, we must save those trees,” say Chris Bowman and Jane Bell, who have combined forces with the Boonah Organisation for a Sustainable Shire (BOSS) and other community members in a bid to stop the Scenic Rim Regional Council from destroying the four Evergreen Ash trees during the current stage of the town centre redevelopment.     

“People of Boonah and district, and all the admirers of the trees that make High Street one of the most admired and visited streets in the Scenic Rim, and indeed far beyond, help us to send a loud and clear message to the Council.”     

And they have issued an open invitation to all to join them tomorrow morning.     

“We’ll be outside Glen’s Diner and IGA, in the shade of the trees they want to chop down,” said Chris.     

“Please come in any nature outfits you may have, bring placards and any soft toy animals or eye catching bric-a-brac that we can attach to the trees intended for the chop.     

"The trees may be listed as invasive species but how much damage are they really doing to this area of the street?       

“It is a contained area and contributes more to our wellbeing than a shade clothed structure and sandstone seating.     

“With rising temperatures who would be comfortable sitting there anyway! How long would it be before tourists would want to come back to … ‘that pretty little town in South East Queensland’?     

“Time is of the essence - please come and sign our petition.”

•    SOS - Save our Streetscape.