Monday, 6 July 2020
Scenic Rim Regional Council’s free tree program unlocked

The free tree program from Scenic Rim Regional Council nurseries is out of lockdown.

The Council nursery will re-open on Friday and ratepayers will be able to redeem the free tree vouchers, which were issued with the 2019-2020 rates notices.

Mayor Greg Christensen said Council’s free trees initiative was part of the program, which aims to plant one million trees across the region by 2025.

On average across the last five years, Council has given out 8,000 plants annually.

“This year we are offering Scenic Rim ratepayers with multiple properties up to 10 plants, an increase from previous years when the maximum was six plants,” Cr Christensen said.

Council provides a large number of local native species as well as a small number of hardy exotic plants which are compatible with the region’s natural environment.

While the nursery staff have been putting Covid-19 preparations in place with the installation of signage, bollards and hand sanitising stations, they have also been working to comply with the Queensland Government’s National Red Imported Fire Ant Biosecurity requirements, through the drenching of pots and perimeter treatments where pots are kept on the ground.

The number of customers allowed in the nursery at any one time has been limited to five and only customers collecting plants will be allowed to enter the nursery.

Customers are asked to bring a bag or container to carry their plants and browsing will be limited, particularly while other customers are waiting.