Thursday, 9 July 2020
Scenic Rim resort to be used as low-risk Coronavirus facility

The resort in Kooralbyn was approached by the State Government to act as a temporary isolation facility for travellers who are at low risk of Coronavirus but still need to be quarantined.

The Packer Lodge at Ramada Resort Kooralbyn Valley will be used as a confinement area if the need arises. It stands about 300 metres away from the main building at the resort,

The Resort management was adamant in saying the people isolated there would not be confirmed Coronavirus patients, instead it would be a place for people to wait out 14 days to get the all clear.

“After much consideration and deliberation by the Resort management team, we are satisfied that the safety measures presented to us by Queensland Health and Queensland Police were thorough, detailed and meet all possible safety criteria,” management said in a press release.

“At any time if we have any persons in isolation at the Packer Lodge we will have police security staff and Queensland Health staff in attendance. All food delivered to the Packer Lodge and the cleaning done for them will strictly follow the Queensland Health regulations.

“The possibility is that we may never have anyone or very few people using the Packer Lodge for isolation purposes when the situation is under control. 

“We can also assure everyone that no one will be sent to the Packer Lodge for isolation unless we have assurances from Queensland Health and the Queensland Police that all measures to guarantee the safety of our staff, our guests and our fellow Australians are in place, otherwise, they would have been sent to the hospital immediately."

Federal Member Scott Buchholz said the Kooralbyn community had every right to be outraged by the State Government’s decision to send people who have come from overseas and are potentially showing symptoms of Coronavirus to the Resort at Kooralbyn.

“It’s not as if there are any world class Queensland Health facilities out there or even any medical facilities or teams of health professionals in the vicinity.

“I see this as a knee jerk reaction by the State Government and Queensland Health. It comes the same week that Premier Palaszczuk was wanting to give the Federal Government a tongue lashing for failing to communicate about the virus and then being forced to apologise soon after when she found that her Government had been fully informed.”

Mr Buchholz explained that the Federal Government had made the decision to use Christmas Island and an unused mining camp outside Darwin as quarantine stations for people coming from overseas who were potentially showing symptoms of the virus.

“The first I heard that some sort of commercial arrangement had been set up for 20 rooms at the Kooralbyn Resort was on Saturday afternoon when I received a phone call from Chief Superintendent Ben Marcus from Queensland Police. He informed me he had also spoken with the Mayor.

“There’s been no communication with the Kooralbyn community which I find outrageous - today it’s Kooralbyn Resort; tomorrow it could be O’Reilly’s and Spicers Peak Lodge.”

State Member for Scenic Rim Jon Krause was in Kooralbyn on Saturday morning and said he found out about it on Facebook.

“What have they got to hide … why Kooralbyn? We’ve just come out of the worst bushfire period in living memory, we’re trying to promote the area as a tourist destination and now this,” he said.

“In recent times a football team from China was quarantined in Brisbane for a week or more and that seemed to work perfectly well.

“I don’t understand why people would need to be bussed over an hour to Kooralbyn to be held in isolation.”