Thursday, 13 August 2020
Sport club camp-out to raise funds to reopen

The Fassifern Sports Club is in need of financial help and are hosting a ‘camp-out’ challenge to help the organisation get up and running.

Suffering a heavy blow from Covid-19, the club will run the event from July 17 to 19 with the hope of reopening the doors soon.

Originally set up to give the cricket, vigoro, netball, bowls, junior AFL and junior rugby league clubs an alternative income stream, the cancelled sporting season has left the club in financial distress.

About 10 people have already nominated to sleep on the green for the night but it’s not the only way to help out.

There will be eating challenges, a money jack, a sausage sizzle and a plaque for every sponsor and nomination that raises more than $200.

But the main event is the sleep out and here is how it works.

All accepted nominated Challengers will camp out at the Fassifern Sports Club for the weekend 17th - 19th July or part thereof.

And challengers can collect sponsorship before and during the event.

During the event the challengers will have the chance to complete "challenges" to gain more sponsorship dollars.

The winner of the $100 BCF Voucher will be the challenger with the most sponsorship dollars raised by 5pm Sunday.

But it doesn’t end there, those playing at home will have the opportunity to set "challenges' to be completed by either an individual challenger or the group as a whole by offering any amount of sponsorship.

Challengers are then able to accept the challenge, counter-offer or bargain for a higher sponsorship amount, pass the challenge to another Challenger or decline the challenge.

For those not there in person the event will be broadcast ‘Live’ on their Facebook page.