Thursday, 9 July 2020
Creek crossing closed at Coulson

The Boonah Beaudesert Road is closed due to flooding at the bridge near the intersection with the Boonah Ipswich Road.

The water  at Harper's Crossing on the Mt Alford Road is falling but there is still more than a half metre flow over the bridge.


The Teviot Brook at 6.00am was about 30cm deep over the bridge near the Boonah Ipswich Road and Boonah Beaudesert Road intersection at Coulson.

Warning signs about water over the road have been erected, however, as the water is still rising it is anticipated that the Boonah Beaudesert Road will be closed to traffic from the Boonah side in the near future.

Water is about one metre below the spillway at the Wyaralong Dam wall.

On the Mt Alford Road, there’s almost a metre of water over Harpers Crossing bridge over the junction of the Teviot Brook and Oakey Creek.

Drivers are reminded not to drive into floodwaters - ‘if it’s flooded, forget it’.