Saturday, 15 August 2020
Final results for Scenic Rim election

The official results for Scenic Rim mayoral vote and Division 1 have been declared.

The results come 22 days after the March 28 vote.

Greg Christensen will be returned as Mayor of the Scenic Rim after winning the Local Government election.

Winning about 32.98 percent of the primary vote, Mr Christensen gained more than 12 percent on his primary vote in the 2016 election.

After the flow of preferences he beat Tom Sharp by 4 percent of the vote.

Mr Christensen finished up with 52.02 percent or 8852 votes after preferences.

Derek Swanborough won Division 1, a seat he has not held since the inaugural Scenic Rim Council election.

Mr Swanborough was the leader of the pack in the primary vote with 31.32 percent.

Through preferential elimination the final two competitors were Mr Swanborough and Sally Williams, who was running for the greens.

After preferences were divided up Mr Swanborough maintained his lead with 56.48 percent of the vote.

With all the seats now officially declared the council has had a significant change with three new councillors taking up seats in divisions 1,2 and 5.

A total of 24049 votes were cast for mayor which means roughly 5000 people did not turn up to vote going by the enrollment figures in 2019.