Saturday, 8 August 2020
John Brent: Unprecedented election disruption

by John Brent

With Easter 2020 now behind us and others having made various statements in relation to the local government election results, it is time to address the community.

For years to come this election will be remembered as one of unprecedented disruption and distraction which can be seen in the results themselves, in regards to turn out and participation.

Global events, specifically Covid-19 is certainly something no one saw coming in terms of it’s rapid impact on how we go about our everyday lives in the Scenic Rim.

Quite rightly in recent times residents, families, business owners including our rural producers and our youth have had much more to think about than who will be Mayor. 

I would like to thank and acknowledge all Candidates including Council and Mayoral who continued to press on with their campaigns.  They did the best they could to give our community a good run of democracy and a respectful battle of ideas and vision.

I thank the community for their participation and interest shown under extenuating circumstances also. 

On this occasion, it does appear my campaign to be returned as Scenic Rim Mayor has been unsuccessful.

It would be misleading to indicate I am not deeply disappointed with the result and will be taking the time to reflect and debrief. My campaign itself has been credited by many as extremely professional, consistent, active, and strong. For this I thank my campaign team who worked with me tirelessly to ensure we were getting our message out and giving residents a chance to bring respect back to the forefront of all council dealing with residents, business owners and it’s own staff.

My concerns with the current government in relation to leadership and the ability to deliver remain.

My neverending passion for my community and commitment to grass roots communication and lending a hand to those in need remains. 

My community involvement will continue as usual including liaison and advocacy for local issues.

My credentials and solid record in local government and business remains, now with an increased availability over the next four years post this election.

I received great feedback throughout the campaign that the community could see I am feeling better than ever, remain active and have much more to give this great region. That will not go away.

What’s next and where to from here? I will continue living in and enjoying the Scenic Rim, and begin planning how best I may serve residents going forward.

Thank you, please keep in touch and ensure you and your loved ones remain safe and well.