Monday, 28 September 2020
Mayoral candidates’ expenditure for 2020 election

The Electoral Commission of Queensland website has experienced a mass of issues during the local government election period.

One of which was evident when the Fassifern Guardian attempted to view the campaign expenditure by individual Mayoral candidates.

The expenditure by some candidates was posted on the website, the expenditure by others was not evident.

Election legislation requires that up until the last week of the election period, all expenses must be uploaded onto the website within seven days of making the purchase. In the last week of the election, the information must be uploaded by the candidate within 24 hours.

According to the Mayoral candidates whose expenditure wasn’t showing in the ‘Electronic Disclosure System’ of the ECQ website, it was a failure on behalf of the website and not on behalf of the candidate.

Each candidate whose information was not showing, was willing to announce their expenditure through this newspaper.

Candidate and incumbent, Greg Christensen, as of Tuesday morning, had spent the largest amount on his campaign at a total of almost $13,850.

The candidate with the next highest expenditure was John Brent with his total to date coming in at just over $12,370.

Candidate Tom Sharp’s expenditure was sitting at a little more than $6,520 while Candidate Chris Summers was totalled at just under $1,500.