Monday, 28 September 2020
Mayoral preferences distribution underway

The unofficial preferences from Mayoral candidates Dr Chris Summers and Virginia Price have been distributed, The Fassifern Guardian has learned.

The results shows that Incumbent Greg Christensen retains his lead with 7,944 votes.

The tussle for second place continues but after the first two sets of preferences were distributed, Tom Sharp has a 51 vote lead over former Mayor, John Brent.

Sharp now has 6,237 votes while Brent holds 6,186 votes.

Mayoral candidates were advised that as there were only 60 postal votes in hand and as 5.00pm Tuesday is the cut-off time for incoming postal votes, it is not expected that on the current trend that the difference between the second and third candidate will change.

As a result, it is understood that John Brent’s preferences will be distributed and the distribution is underway.

After the distribution of Chris Summers and Virginia Price’s preference the vote count stands at:

Greg Christensen 7,944

Tom Sharp 6,237

John Brent 6,186