Saturday, 19 September 2020
McConnell leads in Division 2

Tamborine Village resident and former Local SES Controller, Jeff McConnell, further distanced his lead over fellow candidate, Keer Moriarty in Division 2.

The recount of Election Day votes and a count of the those cast during pre-polling resulted in McConnell’s tally rising to 1,757 or 58.7 percent of the count.

In the two cornered contest, Moriarty’s tally now stands at 1236.

Division 2 was won by Richard Adams in 2008 and then by Nadia O’Carroll in 2012. O’Carroll was unopposed in the Division in 2016, however, with the retirement of Nigel Waistell, she chose to stand for Division 1.

The ECQ website indicates that just over 61 percent of the votes have been counted in the Division.