Saturday, 15 August 2020
Who will you vote for in the Scenic Rim?

The election for Mayor of the Scenic Rim and councillor for Division 5 will only be 10 days away when the Boonah District Chamber of Commerce hosts the Meet the Candidates.

“It will be a political Q&A Boonah style,” says Chamber President, Bruce Trevena.

“The questions will come from those which the audience have dropped into the ‘ballot box’ before the forum starts.

“We’ll select the ones which deal with the issues that the most number of question writers want to hear the candidates give answers to.”

And he warned that questions about the candidates personal lives or with rumours or supposition will be bypassed.

“Decisions made by the Scenic Rim Regional Council affect our daily lives and livelihoods - often even more so than decisions made by our state and federal governments,” Bruce said.

“It’s important that we hear how each candidate would handle the big picture issues over the next four year term if they are elected.”

He added that while there will be no election for a councillor in Division 6, the incumbent and now Councillor elect, Duncan McInnes, would also be given time to address the audience.

“Each candidate for Mayor and for Division 5 will be given three minutes to talk to the audience about their plans and policies and then we move into question time,” Bruce said.

“And at the end of the forum, all candidates will be given a chance to sum up.”

The Meet the Candidates forum will be held at the Boonah Cultural centre on Wednesday night, March 18.

“Entry is free and the bar will be open for drinks or coffee and tea,” Bruce added.

“We encourage everyone to come along and join us on the night to get to know your candidates in this most important election.”