Saturday, 19 September 2020
The values of the potential mayors of Scenic Rim

Once upon a time the council used to manage the three Rs - roads, rates and rubbish - now, the council’s reach extends to marketing, tourism, event planning, disaster management and so on.

The candidates for mayor need to show to the community they are able to step up to the plate and manage these facets of local government and stay true to their core values.

To know where each of the candidates stand, The Fassifern Guardian asked each the following question.

“What are the three core values on which your Council leadership will focus if you are elected Mayor?’

Greg Christensen:

Integrity – Operating within the tight legislative framework without compromise, maintaining honesty and transparency in all actions, and living up to the expectations of a high Code of Conduct Standard. 

This allows me to deliver confidently for the community without fear or favour, while maintaining a positive reputation for Council. 

Respect for All – Providing a Council for all. 

Listening, problem solving, embracing our minorities and previously disengaged to be part of our strong future, while delivering a true Customer Focussed Council that is enabling better outcomes and solutions with communities and businesses. 

Belief in Possibilities – This drives me to pursue a big and exciting vision (refer Community Plan) of our region that respects all of its communities for their uniqueness and contribution to making Scenic Rim so very special. 

It inspires me to celebrate the immense capability of our innovators and industry leaders across agriculture, tourism and other sectors. 

This belief drives me to encourage our artists and creative communities to dare to share the insights from their lives expressed in their works. 

John Brent:

Respect and culture – Residents, Business Owners and Employees, Families of the Scenic Rim come first. That is who you are serving, don’t forget it. 

As leader, inspire  councillors and staff with a clear commitment to the community and a relentless drive to progress and prosper the Scenic Rim. 

Don’t pick favourites, all towns and residents are part of our makeup. Show them importance and be consistent in your engagement, not just when there is a story.

Ease of dealing with council – Cut the red tape, remove the roadblocks and barriers that prevent getting things done. 

Be prompt, efficient, practice good process and resource the process appropriately. Use technology and get out in the community.

Real action, deliver – Far too much talk and not enough action is not acceptable. 

Inspire council staff to be results oriented and get things done. The community is relying on you to serve the region with respect, priority and decency.

Chris Summers: 

The Council I would lead would be committed to the following core values of leadership:

Leadership of a dedicated and committed team of councillors all focussed on the best outcomes for your communities as well as the region as a whole.

A team that will be out in the community listening to your ideas and concerns and importantly, acting on them

Integrity in all decisions we make, fair and honest evidence-based decisions that enhance a community's ability for renewal and growth which brings with it pride in your community

Respect and dignity for all residents and their views and opinions, even where they may clash with policies and the ability of council to deliver services.

In this case their views will be treated with honesty.

This means working with communities to reach fair and equitable solutions and to learn from our mistakes

As Mayor, the Council I would lead would be based on trust and compassion; and understanding the challenges facing communities and working to help them grow and thrive in the face of these challenges.

We will smooth out the pathways within council’s control so that residents can get on with life.

Tom Sharp:

It’s time to unify council with the communities that make up the Scenic Rim. 

Under my leadership I will deliver governance back to the people via your elected representative.

I will encourage your elected councillor to engage with council to implement the services you require.

It is time to review the rating structure to find a more equitable basis whereby rate charges relate directly to the services provided, and do not discriminate against sectors of the community.

The current high rate charges unjustly penalise renters, both residential and commercial, and are forcing the aged and those on a fixed income to sell up and leave the region.

Officers will advise councillors of all constituents’ issues and confirm timely responses and outcomes. 

If council cannot deliver in a professional and timely fashion, then appropriate action will be taken. Improving customer satisfaction and service levels is paramount.