Thursday, 1 October 2020
West continues lead in Division 3

Virginia West continues her lead ahead of Janine Healy with 55.27 percent of the vote for Division 3 so far.

With 70.16 percent of the vote counted, West has 1747 votes in her corner to Healy’s 1414.

Virginia West has held her seat since the creation of Scenic Rim Regional Council in 2008, making her the longest serving councillor.

In 2008, she beat Division 4 hopeful Jennifer Sanders and John Dunn with more than 55 percent of the vote.

She increased her margin four years later to more than 58 percent in the 2012 election.

And in 2016 she had her most narrow win against Stephen Moriarty with 50.78 percent, just 59 votes got her over the line.