Saturday, 19 September 2020
Protestor law changes are not enough: Krause

Member for Scenic Rim Jon Krause said the government’s bill to deal with protestors is too restricted.

“The reality is that the government’s bill is very limited. This is why the opposition is moving two amendments,” he said.

“One to create a mandatory jail sentence for unlawful assembly to ensure that people convicted of multiple breaches of that offence face a mandatory jail sentence.

“And also tougher bail laws to reverse the presumption of bail where people are charged with unlawful assembly and commit a similar offence while on bail.”

Mr Krause said people in Brisbane and those travelling to work were sick of the behaviour of some protestors from the Extinction Rebellion movement.

He also pointed out the “cruel double standard” of fines of $3,600 handed out to farmers for paperwork mistakes when it comes to the chemicals register.

“It’s absolutely outrageous victimisation of farmers while protesting riff-raff get away with it all,” he said.

“I know numerous locals who have been subjected to the irresponsible protest tactics of this noisy mob,” Mr Krause said.

“There’s a right to protest, sure – but everybody else has a right to get to work or where they’re going too.”

Mr Krause said that Labor’s law changes apply only when protestors use “lock-on devices” to attach themselves to objects. 

In Parliament, Mr Krause said there is little deterrent for protesters.

“They can be arrested one day, taken to court, let out on bail and be protesting again the very next day. 

“Protesters will not get anymore deterrent from the laws being passed today by the government.”

I compare it to the deterrents imposed on farmers in my electorate under workplace health and safety laws. There is a $3600 fine for not updating their chemicals register. It is outrageous that those who time and again disrupt the people of Brisbane do not get anywhere near the amount of penalty that farmers get for failing to update a register of dangerous chemicals.