Tuesday, 31 March 2020
Rain ‘refresh’ in creeks

“It’s working towards the drought being broken, but it’s not broken yet,” were the words of two local property owners - one on the upper Teviot Brook and the other on Burnett’s Creek.

“If we don’t get follow up rain, then the water running now will soak into the underground water systems and disappear.”

But they were not despondent as more rain is predicted through to next weekend and the countryside is currently in recovery due to the good rainfalls in January.

“It’s wonderful, lovely rain - even the cattle look happy,” said another property owner from the Croftby Road, Carney’s Creek area.

“It bucketed down here last night and we recorded 70mm, which brings the week’s total to 112.5mm.

“Both the 9 Mile Creek and Reynolds Creek are running.””

In fact, reports indicate that good rain fell across most of the fire grounds last night.

“The waterfall on Mt Moon (behind Moogerah) is running this morning. We’ve only had about 80mm for the week but it seems there’s been some heavy falls up in the mountains,” a Moogerah property owner reported.

The Teviot Brook side of Carney’s Creek also received good falls.

“We measured 64mm from the cloudburst last night, which makes it 105mm for the week. There’s a nice fresh in the Teviot - it’s about half way up the banks here.”

Burnett’s Creek, which flows into Maroon Dam, is also running.

“We measured 56mm for yesterday and last night,” a Burnett’s Creek property owner said. “We’ve had 96.5mm for the week.

“This is the first time we’ve seen a fresh in the creek for a long, long time. All that rain we had in January didn’t put a fresh in it. The water ran clear, which means it was coming from the springs and it didn’t make it down to the Dam.

“But this morning the water is brown and should make it into the dam.”

And earlier this morning, the Teviot at the Coulson Crossing on the Boonah Beaudesert Road was also showing signs of an inflow of brown water.