Friday, 18 September 2020
Aratula pair arrested for the Templin burglary

Two people have been charged with the burglary of a property at Templin on Friday, August 9.     

But police are continuing investigations into other offenders who are believed to have been involved in the same offence.     

Last Tuesday, the Ipswich CIB, with the assistance of Boonah, Harrisville and Kalbar Police, executed a search warrant at an Aratula address in relation to the burglary involving the theft of a white Toyota Hilux utility, a red three-seat Mahindra all terrain vehicle, two dirt bikes and a large number of tools and household items.     

Police located some of the property associated with the burglary as well as drug utensils that had been used for smoking cannabis, and ammunition.     

An Aratula man, 34, was arrested and charged with multiple offences including burglary, possession of drug utensils, receiving tainted property and failure to appear in accordance with a bail undertaking.     

An Aratula woman, 25, was issued a Notice to Appear for possessing utensils that had been used for smoking cannabis and will appear in the Ipswich Magistrates Court on September 9.     

Last week the property owner offered a $2,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the thieves.   

“We were away from home from Thursday to Saturday, but we believe it happened in the early daylight hours on the Friday morning as our Wifi router was turned off at 7.30am so it’s most likely they were here around then,” he said.     “Our driveway is in full view of oncoming traffic,” Dean said.     

“The thieves took a real risk doing this in daylight. All we can think is that someone must have tipped them off or mentioned that we are often away from the property during the week, yet we are often there too.”     

The distinctive white 2003 Toyota Hilux utility has yet to be discovered and the red All Terrain Vehicle was found in pieces.

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