Saturday, 19 September 2020
Councillor push to investigate alternative for Boonah trees


Following the publication of the Guardian & Tribune's story about Cr Marshall Chalk's plan to move a motion on Monday calling for a tightly framed review of alternative options to the removal of the four Evergreen Ash trees, Mayor Greg Christensen announced Friday that the review would go ahead.

In what appears to be an unprecedented circumventing of normal process, Cr Christensen said Council officers would review Stage 2 of the project … "to see if there are alternative solutions to the removal of the trees".

"While the motion is still to go to Council, Cr Chalk and myself have spoken to Chief Executive Officer Jon Gibbons and suggested a review of the engineering designs now. 

"We recognise the proposed removal of the trees has caused some concern in the community and we want the community to know that we are listening to them." 


A two week ‘stay of execution’ may be won for Boonah’s Evergreen Ash trees with a move by Cr Marshall Chalk to have alternative options investigated.

Cr Chalk is hoping to secure support from his fellow Councillors to put a hold on the destruction of the trees at the general meeting of the Scenic Rim Regional Council on Monday.

He’ll be asking for backing to have the second stage of the Boonah town centre redevelopment reviewed … “to investigate any alternative solutions to the removal of trees”.

But he will be asking that any alternative solutions be reviewed within the framework of:

• the impact any solution may have on the overall project outcomes;

• the impact any solution may have on fulfilling grant funding terms;

• the impact any solution may have on legislative compliance; and

• the financial impact on Council of any alternative solution.

As part of the motion, Cr Chalk plans to acknowledge … “the prior two years of consultation regarding this project” but will ask that Councillors be given details on the extent of community engagement and consultation throughout the development of the project.

And he will ask that a report on the investigation be presented at the Monday, September 21, Council meeting.